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Welcome to the Club

Cino Noir grew from a simple man wondering a simple question:

"What is it gonna take to get a good cup of coffee???"

Right out of high school, I was working in web development, which meant endless hours in front of a computer screen. Working from home in the days before "working from home" was popular, I was starved for a break in the silence. So I ventured out from my cozy home nook in search of a good workspace with high-speed internet.

The next five years saw me spending 4-5 hours a day in chain coffee joints across the city. I even dated a barista for a year! But as I forced cup after cup of discount, artificially flavored coffee into my caffeine-starved digestive system, the disappointments rose (as did my blood sugar). Finally, in a desperate bid to give coffee an honest, sugar/milk/flavoring-free try, I got a cup of pure, black coffee from Starbucks.

It was possibly the worst thing I had ever tasted, in my life. It actually scared me back to my home office for over a month. I switched to energy drinks after that.

It wasn't until several years later, in 2019, I rediscovered coffee. I was doing conservation research in South Africa, near Johannesburg. We visited a local coffee shop offering "single origin" coffee. "Another half-hearted marketing attempt" thought I, taking the cup offered and bracing myself for the bitter assault on my taste buds.

Instead, to my surprise, I found myself finishing the cup with great enjoyment. For the first time in my life, I realized how people could enjoy a black cup of coffee; this wasn't burned, or tastless. It was mellow, smooth, and fruity, genuinely enjoyable. I added brown sugar to it (I am a sugar addict), but it hardly needed it.

I had found TRUE coffee. Returning to America, I looked far and wide for a suitable 'single origin' outlet... and found none. A few mom-and-pop coffeeshops had a good blend, but nothing that stood up to what I had experienced abroad.

Then, finally, from a NYC wholesale roaster, I found what I'd been searching for. From there, it was only a few steps to a business partnership, and I opened up shop. From there, I've added two more independent roasters to our little club. Now, my members enjoy the same exclusive coffee that I do, for the same price as the dreck they serve in chain shops. The days of suffering through a cup of Folgers is behind us. If you're reading this, and feel like joining our little club, please feel free to message me. There's no need to miss out any longer; I've found for you the miracle coffee of your dreams!

Further, if you are a small-time coffee roaster with a special single-origin roast of your own, give me a call. We at the club are dying to give you a try!

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